Riccardo Tisci: GQ’s 2012 Designer of the Year


Congrats to Tisci, an integral force that helped bring culture to the block by infusing streetwear freedom with couture sophistication.  You can check out the rest on this insightfulinterview here

When English is spoken as a second language, it tends to come out surreally literal (see “half-cooked chocolate cake” on bougie Paris restaurant menus) or kaleidoscopically abstract, and both are true of Tisci’s speech. “When I started at Givenchy, I was bored with fashion for men,” Tisci says. “Street culture? They don’t care. They don’t give a shit. They wear what they want. Bermuda, big and small. T-shirt oversize or T-shirt tiny. Prints. Bombers.” Street culture, he points out, does not recognize the usual boundaries of male dress. Why should Givenchy?

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