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  1. I couldn’t connect to the link to actually hear Questlove’s remarks, but I wathcing the Bootsy Collins Unsung and he said about James Brown, when he used to play bass for him, that black geniuses always have this deep thang about them. He said Jame’s thang was his proclivity to demoralize you after you accomplished something outstanding. He said that being around James Brown made him glad he was raised in a single parent household withoug his father present because it only would have served to get in his way of maturing creatively. I think the curse of black geniuses is that since the brain either produces too much melanin, or a biproduct of it like dopeamine or melatonin, seratonin or tyrasine, our body chemistry becomes imbalanced to the extent that our logic becomes infantile in proportion to our artistry and creative processs. Our logic either becomes outlandish, miopic or self serving because our neural chemistry is only serving our inventive impulses, no longer our sensability.

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