Dame Dash’s DD172 Goes East

Big ups to Dame, big inspiration for this site
from XXLMag.com:

Damon Dash has persevered through many trials and tribulations over the past decade. An irrevocable split would leave him and former best friend Jay-Z parting ways, temporarily leaving Roc-A-Fella records in limbo. Dash succumbed to several financial woes as he was hit with legal troubles stemming from tax evasion to foreclosure of two homes. His failed marriage to fashion designer Rachel Roy, would force Dash to disappear from the industry’s radar for quite a while.

Having said all that, Dash was able to launch his new business, DD172, three years ago, along with the help of co-founders McKenzie Eddy and Raquel Horn. Based out of New York City, DD172 began as a media collective company that showcases art, music and independent films from a barrage of underground artists. (The Tribeca art gallery is also home to Blu Roc Records and houses a recording studio in addition to a vintage clothing store, Local 172 Trading Post).

Now, Dame’s brand is expanding to the Far East. Chan Kwong-yan and Shelly Pecot, two of Dash’s close friends, are assisting him with the launch of DD172 in Hong Kong. According to the Wall Street Journal, the three want to create a record label and studio space to host live shows in Asia.

Dash has arranged numerous shows in Asia with the assistance of Pecot for over a year now and the response has been well receptive. Dash told the WSJ, “The point of these shows – these collaborations – is to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern Music.”

XXLMag.com called Dash, but he didn’t immediately return phone calls.

As of now, Dash and his team are using a pop-up space until they find a permanent location for DD172 in Hong Kong. —Chanel Clark

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