MTV’s Top 10 Hottest MCs: 10.Wale

Wale kicks off MTV’s list, besting J.Cole and T.I

So far, so good, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised at who Wale beat out for a spot on the list. Cole is someone I expected MTV to have very high and I’m going to go so far as to say that perhaps Cole was misrepresented, as no one on that panel mentioned the production work he did, successfully laying down a single for Kendrick Lamar, a credit neither Wale or Tip can claim. Don’t get it twisted, I think Cole is an overrated rhymer but give credit where it’s due, the dude produced a great track after releasing a very “hot” album, according to sales and praise.

Wale is someone I found out about just before his first major label release. Loved his mixtape game, flow, lyrics…really thought he was hip hop. Having kept up with his career, it came as a surprise to me when he signed with Maybach, a group geared much more to trap rap than Wale’s couture flows. The DC spitter later spoke on the matter on Hot 97, saying he was wrongly packaged with his previous label and that cats even saw him as “not black” because of the audience and content associated with him. In that light, the move made sense, and it’s worked wonderfully for his career at this point. I personally look forward to seeing his career flourish, glad to see him get the recognition he deserves.

I won’t even speak on Tip. Ima be real, I don’t fuck with him. For a dude claiming to be the king of the south, it sure must hurt to not even be on the list of hottest MCs. By the way, good luck not being laughed at when using that tittle in the future. Mainstream has Lil Wayne. K.R.I.T is bringing a lot of home cooking with his style. Oh, and by the way, Andre 3000 and Jay Electronica are sitting on albums right now.

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